Friday, February 18, 2011

Go West Young Man

        Well, my girlfriend and I have finalized plans to head west to do some fly fishing in "heaven". We will be fishing the various rivers of the West Yellowstone, MT area and the Provo River in Utah for 2 glorious weeks in late July!!! This is something I've dreamed of doing since I started fly fishing. Definitely something we'll be able to cross off our bucket lists. On more of a local note, the cold weather broke enough for me to take a couple of trips the Wood River this week. Unfortunately, no fish to speak of, but the river looks to be in great condition. It was good to get out there and scratch that itch a few more times before the season concludes at the end of the month. So in honor of our trip west, this week I'm posting the Green Drake Sparkle-Dun. From the DVD I've been watching (thank you again Dave!) the Green Drake is one of the many prolific hatches on western rivers such as the Madison, Henry Fork, the Firehole, Slough Creek, and so on. I'm also posting a few pictures I found on my phone from the Wood River, of some beautiful early fall Rainbows taken on a dry (Elk Hair Caddis if I recall correctly). Until next week.

                                                        Green Drake Sparkle-Dun

                                           Hook: #12 Daichi Standard Dry Fly
                                           Thread: 6/0 Olive Uni-Thread
                                           Tail: Dark Olive Z-Lon
                                           Body: Olive Superfine Dubbing
                                           Rib: Gray Turkey Biot
                                           Wing: Bleached Coastal Deer Hair

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