Friday, January 20, 2012

A Great Season

       After a long spring, summer, fall of fishing, I have found my way back to the computer desk after the first real snow of the season here to update the blog. It was an incredible season with a ton of great stories and fish to talk about, but I will try to space them throughout the next couple of entries. I think I last left off with our first trip to the Farmington. We didn't get out there as much as we would've liked, but such is life. I did get to make an August trip to the Farmington with my "master" if we were speaking in Jedi terms. My uncle Pete taught me how to fly fish a long, long, long time ago in a galaxy not so far away. Since then he has moved to Florida were the trout fishing is less than spectacular to put it nicely. He was up here for a few days, and the invite went out to him to hit the water. Gladly accepting, we made the 2 hour drive west. Taking up one of my go to spots(which shall not be named) Uncle Pete wet his first fly line in 15 years. Gotta give it to him it didn't take long for him to get the casting stroke back. The up-stream mends were a totally different story. Being the closet Star Wars geek that I am, I was dying to use the "last time we met I was but the learner, now I am the Master" line and I made good on it. The river was fishing a little difficult that day so I had Uncle Pete tie on a black ant and fish the banks(usually a good bet for a hand full of fish) he had a couple of rises to it, but the set was pretty ugly. I decided to throw on my can't miss fly for that section(which will also remain nameless)and it still hasn't let me down. Fishing this certain Dry Fly on the inside seam of a slick, a beautiful Farmington Brown sipped it in. The fish was much bigger than I originally thought. This is one of those rivers where it is fished pretty heavily so the fish are very particular about fly and tippet. I usually fish 6 or 7x, and on this day I had 7x on. As I fought the fish I realized if I didn't get to walking it was going to break me off. After a few minutes, and a few attempts to net it, I called to my uncle for help(he had a bigger net) when he promptly responded true to form "if you bring that fish near me, I'm gonna cut your line" After a few joking expletives, I managed to get the fish in my net with its head and tail overflowing either end. Pictures will follow in the next entry along with updates from our trip out west!! I'm trying something different with my fly of the week by posting video tutorials on youtube just click on the link!! This is for my black quill soft-hackle, feel free to subscribe, Firedawg32ri. Ill be doing a couple of videos a week. As for updates, the Farmington is at 500cfs with Winter/Summer Caddis and Midge hatching daily. If you want to save your eyesight, PT's, Egg patterns, and streamers will do the trick underneath. The Wood River is a balmy 38 degrees and flowing @ 97cfs with everything fished deep and slow. Until next time!!!
Tight Lines,