Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Opening Weekend

          So all the Pomp and Circumstance of opening day has come and gone. It's now time to get to some real fishing. Opening weekend wasn't very productive for Chandra and I. We fished the Wood River on Saturday, with the only action for the day being a single miss on an elk hair caddis. Sunday I went back to the Wood with the same results. On a better note, the river looks to be in great condition, with clear, deep, cold water. Monday, I made the drive up to Cumberland and Lincoln to fish the Blackstone with outstanding results. A total of 5 fish were landed, 4 of those being browns between 12 and 14 inches, and a bruiser holdover rainbow around 17 inches. I also lost 4, so all in all it definitely made up for the weekend. All fish were hooked on a tandem nymph set-up, with a #16 bead head hare's ear as the anchor, and a #12 PT as the dropper about 18 inches off the anchor fly. Below are a few pictures of Monday's outing. Starting Sunday, Chandra and I will be making our first trip this spring to North-Central Connecticut to fish the Farmington River. Looks like the Winter Caddis are still around out there, but we may be coming into the Quill Gordon's and BWO's. PT's, Princes, and San Juan Worms are all doing well subsurface. Can't wait to get out there...what a great fishery that river is. So back to the Fly of the Week, now that I'll be tying quite a bit to match hatches...This week, still being early in the spring and not a ton of surface action I'll be posting the Pheasant Tail (PT) Nymph...This fly is a great all around weapon just because it can represent a number of different mayfly nymphs. Hopefully for my next post I'll have some great stories from Connecticut.

    Until next time, Good Fishing!!

                                                                 Pheasant Tail Nymph
                                                          Thread: 8/0 Dark Brown Uni-Thread
Hook: #12 Daichi 1100 Dry Fly
                                                         Tail: Pheasant Tail fibers
                Body: Pheasant Tail fibers wrapped forward
                                                         Rib: UTC small copper wire
                                                         Abdomen: Peacock Herl
                                                         Wing and Wing Casing: Pheasant Tail fibers




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